The Assassins Guild VFX


The Assassins Guild VFX specializes in outsource management for all your VFX needs. Our dedicated North American team will ensure your projects are handled with care from turn over to delivery. You'll get what you asked for the first time.

Outsource Management

Our North American I/O team will manage all of your Roto/Prep/Paint/Tracking and Beauty needs utilizing a stable of our hand picked overseas vendors. We manage communication, turn over, and even workload balancing across multiple vendors to ensure you get what you need on time.

Freelance Artists

A roster of talented and experienced Freelance artists from all over the world are waiting to take on new and exciting projects. Lead by our highly experienced VFX Supervisors and producers we ensure a high quality end product. From compositing to simulations to onset supervision we have the people to deliver the shots you need.


The Assassins Guild own studio team is growing and will eventually be able to take on full scale projects and turn out A+ VFX to our clients around the world. Take advantage of our provincial tax incentives to reduce overall costs.

Put a contract out on your those pesky scenes that are causing you some inconvenience.

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